Thursday, November 5, 2009


Greetings from glorious Maryland! I love home.

Alas, I'm headed back to school tomorrow morning (noooooo) but at least it's been an incredibly restful five days of sleep and laziness and mom's cooking mmmm.

I finally got my lazy butt into some running pants this afternoon and cranked out 3 miles for the first time in at least two weeks. It felt great at first but by the end, I was pretty wrecked. I've been getting pretty inspired by some other bloggies and their insane mileage when it comes to running and I really do want to improve! It seems like everyone else out there is just popping out the double digit miles like it's no biggie. Crazy!

And now for the glorious part, a week's worth of homey eats!

I spotted this baby the moment I stepped into the house on Sunday. A ginormous glorious POMELO!!!! I loooove these! For those of your unfamiliar with these babies, they're like a milder, sweeter version of a grapefruit (which I also love), but about twice as large. These things are huge!

Doesn't look that big here, right?

Totally dominates this TI-84 though.

As well as my head.

Peel off the super thick rind...

Beautiful juicy sweetness inside!!! Yep, I ate the whoooleee thing (over three days hahaha).

This visit was filled with amazing fruit. Mmmm, I can't believe some people don't eat fruit??? I think one of our family friend's never eats fresh fruit. Ridiculous!

Fuji apple, Korean pears, Fuyu Persimmon (which I never cared for before but they're actually really good! My mom loves 'em.)

I didn't take many pics of our actual meals but I assure you they were quite good. Here's today's lunch and dinner though, extra epic since it's my last day here :(.

This may look kinda strange but it was so yummy!

Korean-style seasoned ferns (they look funny but I could eat these all day), yam noodles, mung bean sprouts, and greens. Super healthy and super tasty.

And epic feast of a dinner!!!

Shrimp, egg, and scallion. Omnomnom.

Ridiculously amazing baked purple sweet potater (nothing added!) - can you see the caramelized juices just oozing out of it??? Seriously tastes like CANDY.

Cabbage - plain but I grew up on this dish and miss it all the time.

SALMONNN with a slightly sweet and savory marinade and scallions. Melted like butter in my mouth; definitely been getting my seafood fix lately.

I stuffed myself sillyyyyyy. Good thing I went for that run hahaha.

After dinner, there was a generous amount of fruit-eating, per usual and a special treat!

Glutinous rice balls with sweet black sesame filling (tang yuan in Mandarin). These babies were made from purple rice, hence the color.

The filling is the best part! Soooo foodgasmic.

And lastly, what home visit isn't complete without me busting out my baking skillz (harhar I wish). I made another two loaves of healthy BANANA BREAD, one using an improvised a-little-too-healthy recipe and one with my mom's (but with a few healthy modifications).

The first loaf didn't turn out too hot - it was really dense and chewy, not much like a bread. That's what I get for trying to make a loaf out of bananas, yogurt, whole wheat flour, baking soda, and cinnamon. Hahaha yeah that was all I put in it.

Ok fine, maybe it wasn't that bad, it just didn't rise very much. But I still ate about a quarter of the loaf right when it came out of the oven and my sister pretty much ate the rest of it over the past few days...

It looks pretty good in a picture haha.

And then I used my mom's classic banana bread recipe (this one has egg whites and a little brown sugar among other things) and it came out a lot more bread-like.

It puffed up quite nicely :).

Yep, so I'm heading back to campus tomorrow morning, but not without a suitcase full of goodies. I'm bringing with me:

-the second loaf of b-bread.
-new jar of TJ's almond butter (roasted this time!)
-TJ's pumpkin butter
-bag of purple sweet potatoes
-carton of TJ's butternut squash soup
-box of Ak-mak wheat crackers
-dark chocolate
-instant ramen
-20 mini packs of dried and seasoned seaweed
-couple each of persimmons and pears

Yeah, I'm pretty much ready to feed my own small army.

At least I'll be well stocked and I start to tackle the pile of assignments I've neglected thus far. Woe...

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  1. Hey Carol, you should read "Born to Run". Some very interesting insights into running. I too have decided to join the barefoot revolution in my Vibram FiveFinger KSO's.